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a little about me...



I'm Anthony, a Melbourne based filmmaker specialising in natural wedding films.


I'm inspired to tell authentic stories that are raw and real. There’s a great story to be told on your wedding day and this is my motivation. 

I've always had a passion for filmmaking, in particular, storytelling. I followed this passion to university where I completed a Bachelor of Media Studies with a major in Television & Film Production.  


When I'm not filming weddings, I'm often awake during all hours of the night watching my football team, Arsenal. You’ll also find me at various cafes and restaurants eagerly waiting to eat my meal as my beautiful wife, Gracie, takes snaps of our food –all for the 'gram. 


Speaking of Gracie, you'll find her filming with me on a wedding day and she’s often sitting right next to me during the editing process.



I see filmmaking as a process with many layers. 


There's a difference between a person who owns a camera and a person who makes a film.  I want your wedding film be more than a collection of shots, I want to tell your story.

My approach to wedding filmmaking can be described in one word - observational.


This isn’t a throwaway line; it encapsulates my whole philosophy on wedding filmmaking. It impacts the way I prepare for a wedding day; the type of gear I use, the way I position myself, the way I compose my shots and most importantly, the way I tell your story. 

I want you to invest in me because you value my skills as a storyteller, not because I own a camera. I don’t mean to sound controversial; I want to do the best job I can for you.


I just need you to relax, enjoy your day, spend quality time with your loved ones and trust me to tell your story.